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Smart Accounting

CUTTING-EDGE Accounting Solution from TRCLOUD

Work FASTER and get MORE done

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Cloud Accounting

Accessible from anywhere and anytime you wish when there is internet connection. No need for download and software installation

Real Time Report

TRCLOUD enable you to keep track on financial statement s including Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Ledger Account, Sale Tax Report and etc. on REAL TIME basis.

Control everything in ONE place

Our software supports multiple user, so your staffs can work together on the same data via cloud service yet no need for working on same device nor same work place.

UNLOCK your limitation & UNLEASH your hidden power

Set back and get all your acounting done

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  • Smart Dashboard

    Accounting, TRCLOUD

    With our dashboard, you are able to keep track on amout of cash on hand, account receivable and other financial ratios, criticle to buiness on real-time basis.

  • Mini CRM

    Ecommerce, TRCLOUD

    With this feature, you are capable to stay tune on every transaction as well as debtor-creditor status for each trading partner.

  • General Ledger

    Financial Statement, TRCLOUD

    Our cloud accounting software includes Double Accounting Entry which is familiar among accountants.




Winner of Industrial Application

MEMBER of ATCI (Thailand)


Member of the Association of Thai ICT Industry

Other Services & Features

Branch Manament

automatically creating consolidate financial statement


No server is required and No need to pay for IT personnels

Project Management

assisting you to track your project financial performance

Intregration Service

You can integrate TRCLOUD with any software via Application Programming Interface

Mini Help-Desk

TRCLOUD contain mini Help-Desk so that you can follow your chat with your clients

Customization Service

TRCLOUD also offer customization service to have our software get along with your business process